October: A month of running

October is my full on month. Not because of work, or family, but because I choose to run the Javelina Jallucinations Virtual event. This year GRGR was on during October as well, so I had extra awesome running fun.

I’m pleased to announce that I ran every single day in October. My legs were less pleased, however. It should be mentioned that there were a couple of ridiculously busy days that I only ran 1km, but I still ran.

I started off strong, and truthfully, I overdid it. By the end of the month my legs were a wreck, my brain was foggy and I was not exactly my normal self.

But being as I’m not one to stop trying, and am definitely willing to have another crack at it, I have now taken on Sally McRaes Choose Strong 30 Day challenge for November. This time I’m taking my own advice, learning from my previous mistakes and changing things around.

I will not force myself to run on my rest days, instead they will consist of dog walks and treadmill walks. I will not stick exactly to a training plan in order to allow myself the best chance of improving my running in a slow, measured manner, rather than adding on mileage without sufficient rest. I will allow myself to change things up based on weather, switching from treadmill to outdoor based on how I feel that day.

October was fun, I had a blast, and I will continue to participate in challenges that push me. I ran 150miles in October, and I am absolutely stoked by that effort. November is going to be sedate in comparison, but it will be sustainable, it will be an effort that I can continue. And I’m going to have a blast doing it.

Happy running awesome humans!


One response to “October: A month of running”

  1. Wow, running every day sounds epic! I’ve seen people doing this and keeping this up for a whole year. My body needs a recovery day after running. Alternate day running is my goal for November…

    Good for you for listening to your body. I’m looking forward to reading about your November experience.


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